Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Allah:Can use or Not?

Frankly, i didnt want to be elobrate about this but it seems that such a small court action has sparked so many actions and open many can of worms. Who is to blame? some say its is started by UMNO while others think it is propagated by extremist to push the tensions in the country.
Let me stress something out here, THIS IS RELIGION, its about a persons faith therefore it should not and cannot be politicized by anyone. While others are referring to history and other countries, while others are looking at the legal issues, allow me to point everyone back to real issue here.
"Allah" in MALAYSIA(yup we talking about Malaysia here)is and has always been a referenced of Islam's one and only god. Similarly When one says "jesus" you know that they are referring to Christians while "Buddha" to the buddhist and "Bhrama" to the indians. The point is quite simple, why do you want to provoke Islam by trying to use Allah in your publication? Do we need to copyright the name? Do Christians copyright the name Jesus Christ? The argument that the name is used in the other countries is not valid because we are talking about Malaysia, USA allows guns but we dont so why compare? only the weak uses this kind of argument. Now get back to the issue, if you say that Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia uses the word then it still does not hold water because they ONLY use it in the context of Bahasa as a substitute for the word god, similar to to the word "butuh" which is a bad word here but not in Indonesia.

The point here is, you already have Jesus, Holy Ghost and virgin Mary so there is no need to push the word "allah" into our usage. This drama is just what it is a drama, a ploy to hit the muslims in Malaysia, to test the 1 Malaysia concept and to see how far are we wiling to give in to ensure your support. So leave us be, my advise to all the chiristians, why not go and sort out your religion first before poaching on ours. Peace.

P/S: Note: on the video: Cant we send someone more credible to represent us at this talk show,no wonder the world perceives us as dumb wits.

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